Dion Bergeron Announces Candidacy for Indiana Congressional First District

INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana, January 16, 2020.


On Monday, January 13, 2020, Real Estate Broker and former Correctional Officer, Dion Bergeron, formally announced his candidacy for Indiana Congressional District 1. The residents of Indiana’s First District deserve an honest representative and an individual who can relate to and understand their needs. Dion Bergeron is a blue collar alternative to the political machine and is running to restore integrity and confidence in the office and give the people of the 1st District a real voice, with a candidate that has been through the struggles and hardships that politicians will never understand.


A former truck driver and Correctional Officer, this is Dion’s first run for public office. Dion believes the First District faces many difficult challenges such as a home health care industry on the verge of crisis, and a Congress that no longer represents the people. A 2019 Gallup poll about Congress shows that 48% of those surveyed had Very Little Faith in it, and 4% had No Faith. Only 11% had a positive view at all. The people of District 1 deserve a new approach and a candidate that has no ties to the political machine of Washington.


Dion Bergeron humbly asks the people of Indiana’s First District for the honor and opportunity to serve them with the honest and transparent leadership they deserve as well as the ability to know that Dion Bergeron will represent the residents of Indiana’s First District and not special interests.


Dion Bergeron has spent most of his life in Northwest Indiana, primarily in Northwest Indiana. He resides in Michigan City with his wife, Elizabeth and their three sons. Dion Bergeron encourages anyone interested in this exciting new opportunity for Indiana First District to contact his campaign at 219-380-9625 or www.dionbergeron.com. He is also available at www.facebook.com/DionForCongress.


T: 219-380-9625




Dion Bergeron Announces Candidacy for Indiana Congressional First District

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