Weeks Away

The Primary Election came and went and we did really well for an unknown candidate with a limited budget. We got 10% of the vote across the board and won in my home County of LaPorte.

Winning LaPorte County was huge for the same reasons listed above. I’ve never been in politics and wasn’t a known name at all. I had a very limited budget and still won my county against a name that’s very familiar to the residents. All in all, we chalked it up as a major victory and that’s all thanks to YOU!

I talked it over with my family and Republican party officials and we agreed that I could accomplish far more by being the State Representative for District 9. My priorities have not changed. My position is the same. The only difference is the office. I will work with legislators from both parties to bring the change we need to our state government while being an active part of the community I want to serve.

We are only a few weeks away from the most important election in my lifetime. Every single position on the ballot is more important than ever before.

Constant media coverage of the Presidential race makes it easy to forget that there are elections for many positions up and down the ballot besides President. I want to talk to you about one of them. One that will have a direct impact on your life as a Hoosier on a frequent basis. That’s the position of State Representative.

Your State Representative is your voice in Indianapolis. They are the person that is responsible for making sure that your values and needs are taken into account when laws are proposed. They enforce YOUR will on the legislative body. They should be accessible, reasonable, and willing to speak up for all the residents of their District.

I’m running to be your State Representative because we need those who listen and can speak up when needed. We need people who understand that our police need our support, not our hatred. We need those who are willing to fight for our innocent unborn. We need people who put their District first. All of it. We need those who stand firm in the face of the rage mob and won’t be cowed by the vocal minority. I can and will do all of the above.

I do a live stream most nights at 7 PM Central time. In these streams I talk directly to you, the voter. You get a chance to see the real person behind the name on the ballot and I also answer your questions in real time. You can look into my eyes and see that I’m just like you: A Hoosier husband and father that talks TO you, not AT you.

I’m not some career politician with a fancy degree from an Ivy League university. I’m not from a rich and powerful family that conveniently sells millions of dollars of shares of a company right before the public learns what they knew about a week ago. I was a truck driver. I was a Correctional Officer at Indiana State Prison then became a Real Estate Agent. Regular jobs in regular fields. This is important because the laws that get made rarely affect those with lots of money. They affect you and me. We are the silent majority. The people who just want to go about their business, feed their children, enjoy the fruits of their labor and begrudgingly pay our taxes. In return, we expect to be left alone, allowed to do the things that give us pleasure but hurt no one, have access to affordable and accessible health care for the days when things don’t go according to plan, and generally forget about the political process.

I am asking for your vote on November 3rd, 2020 because I believe in my heart that I’m the best for this job. I’ll be your voice in Indianapolis. I’ll carefully and thoughtfully consider policy before voting, I will always vote for what is best for my constituents, and I will never vote for or against something just because of party politics.

Do you feel like the laws passed represent you? Do you believe that the Indiana General Assembly has your best interests at heart? Could you reach out right now to your representative and get an answer? We can be the change we envision and it starts with electing people that do what’s best for the people of their District.

Vote for the people that will actually represent you. Vote Bergeron 2020.

Weeks Away

by Dion Bergeron time to read: 4 min