Be our Guest on DDD

Dion Bergeron's podcast offers a dynamic platform for engaging conversations spanning a wide spectrum of topics, predominantly focusing on politics and current events. However, the podcast also aims to feature an array of captivating guests from diverse backgrounds and expertise. From acclaimed authors unveiling their latest literary works to visionary CEOs sharing insights on industry trends and innovation, the podcast welcomes thought leaders who can offer unique perspectives. Local organization leaders bring community-driven initiatives to the forefront, while elected officials contribute valuable insights into governance and policy-making. Additionally, collaborating with fellow podcasters fosters an enriching exchange of ideas and expands the podcast's reach within the podcasting community. By embracing a diverse range of guests, Dion's podcast aims to provide listeners with an immersive experience that informs, inspires, and entertains across various domains. It doesn't matter where you are located either. If you are local, which most guests have been, you are free to come sit in Dion's home studio. If you are from farther away, we can easily accommodate online interviews too.


Please give us a paragraph saying why you would be a great guest for the show! It doesn't matter if you have a big following or not. Dion isn't looking for huge followings, he's interested in people with a story to tell. If this sounds like you, please reach out to If this sounds like someone you know, please pass it on to them. We would love to connect!


What do we expect from our guests?

We would like you to advertise a time or two before it happens and once after. This really helps you too so your audience gets to see you in action.

If you do press releases for other things, do one about your appearance.

Be able to hold a conversation about what you're doing and yourself for at least a half hour, but with no real upper limit. We can easily accommodate a live cast or we can prerecord if you need it, but those have a limit of two hours.

An adequate microphone, lighting, and camera on your computer if doing remote interviews. A Behringer mic can be picked up for $30 on Amazon and a ring light can be picked up for under $20, but a lot of people have those already or have a friend that does.

If you are an author, would you be willing to give us a promotional copy of your book so Dion can at least glance through it and get an idea of what it's about before agreeing to the interview?

If you are a musician, would you be willing to play a song live for us?

You get the idea. We are pretty low maintenance here.

Just send us a couple paragraphs about who you are and what you want to talk about and include links that confirm your identity and show what you would like to come soon the show to talk about. We aren't here to promote your cause, but we are here to have a conversation. Your cause is part of who you are so let us know what you want to say and we will see if you would be a good fit.