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Channel Update, Evolution Review, and a Surprise

3.25.21 #DionsDailyDose I was finally able to link my channel Twitter (@DionsDailyDose) to my streams and I almost got LinkedIn to work (Dion Bergeron) I wonder how long until this Twitter account gets suspended as well... You can catch my show on a number of locations now. I'll fill you in on all the particulars. I was going to try trimming up the channels to combine them but Facebook sucks and it just isn't working out so we'll just keep doing what we're doing I guess. I've been a customer at Evolution Artisan Confections in Valparaiso for a while now and I want to show you the ridiculous thing we got today. It's bonkers but amazing at the same time. If you don't shop there you should. Tell them Dion sent you. I don't get anything for it but do it anyway. 😛

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