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*Special Guest*- Commissioner Joe Haney

8.27.21 #DionsDailyDose We have a very special guest tonight: La Porte County Commissioner Vice President Joe Haney. He'll be joining us to talk about the real story behind some current events that have been reported on, including the Michigan City Bridge project, allegations that the Commissioner's attorney has been ghost writing emails for county employees, and much more. There have been lots of rumors flying around and local publications have reported some pretty salacious things. Join us tonight for the real story and have an opportunity to ask your questions directly to Mr. Haney. About Commissioner Haney: Joe Haney serves as Vice President of the La Porte County Board of Commissioners and represents District 3. Joe stays active in his community and has spent his adult life volunteering his time and talents, from serving as a Volunteer Firefighter/EMT to volunteering at homeless shelters, animal rescue groups, and more. 2020 was Joe’s first run for an elected office and this is his first time serving as an elected official; he has spent the rest of his adult life in the private sector. Joe is a former clinician having worked in the surgical suites on a level one trauma team, transplant team, and as an operations manager for a total of nearly 20 years on the definitive side of health care. Joe currently resides on a small farm near Door Village with his wife of 20 years and their three daughters, where he runs a small business. About our show: We'll be asking Mr. Haney about the real story behind the Michigan City Bridge Project, why it's being held up, what the State Board of Accounts has said about the project (why they say it's not permitted) and what he'd like to say regarding some of Mr. Friedman's (the attorney for the County Commissioners) claims. We'll also ask Mr. Haney about the claims he's presented that Mr. Friedman has been ghost writing emails for county officials. Dion's Daily Dose is a podcast hosted by Dion Bergeron, former truck driver and former Correctional Officer at Indiana State Prison. Dion is active in local politics, is a precinct committeeman for MC20, and ran for State Representative in the 2020 general election for Indiana House District 9. You won't want to miss this. Tune in tonight at 7 to hear the real story and have a chance to ask Commissioner Haney your burning questions.

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