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Swamp Special- LaPorte County Ep. 1

1.24.21 #DionsDailyDose You have to see this to believe it. A lot of focus is on DC and the federal government (for good reason). Not much is being reported locally despite a whole lot going on. This is going to be an ongoing series because there is so much to cover. Sad isn't it? Episode 1- LaPorte County Commissioner -Joe Haney is shown that honesty will not be tolerated- It has been the custom for incoming Commissioners to take over board and liaison positions of the person they replaced. Until now. Now suddenly there are big changes. ???? A letter was sent to the Commissioners from the health department where they unanimously requested Joe Haney as their point of contact with the Commisioners. Of course Commissioner Sheila Matias couldn't allow that to happen. The display I saw was ridiculous and disgusting and shows all of us the true colors at play here. I'll show you the video and you can draw your own conclusions. You aren't going to want to miss this. Make no mistake- they're coming after Joe. It's up to us to have his back. He can't do it alone.

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