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#DionsChoice Primary 2022 NW Indiana (La Porte, Porter, and some Lake County)

This #DionsDailyDose is going to be so much fun. I get to tell all of you what I've been able to find out about all the candidates in the area, and there is some really juicy information, too. ???? #DionsChoice is going to include candidate information, my personal choices (and why) and some new information about exactly the type of people that are running for certain positions. This is a MUST WATCH episode and I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to this. I'm done playing these games with people. I hate politics and politicians. There is a huge difference between people running to make a better place for our children and politicians. I'm doing this (running for office) because if we don't stop the runaway train that is far left ideology it is going to destroy the foundation of this country. The United States is already a place I barely recognize. Only by electing the right people can we bring it back from the teetering edge. Politicians run for office for personal gain. Whether that is prestige, money, or favors, we've all seen them. I'm sure you can name some people like that right now. Join #DDD at 7 PM May 2nd to learn who I'm voting for (and why), and to discover the shocking reality of our political system.

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