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Fundraisers, Polls, and Lies

8.22.22 #DionsDailyDose Fundraisers, Polls, and Lies We have two fundraisers coming up. Save the dates. The first will be on September 7th at 6 PM at The Lucky Hatchet in Michigan City. There will be axe throwing, food, and drink. More details soon. The second is planned for September 21st at 6 PM at the American Legion in Chesterton. Cheese tasting! More details soon. We're getting everything locked down and making sure that all information is accurate before we post prices and sponsor levels. For now, just save the dates and plan on coming and having some fun. There are various polls going around at the moment. Phone, web, and text-based polling is nothing new, but this year we are seeing pure desperation. I'll fill you in but it's quite humorous, in my opinion. Apparently, I spent time in prison. According to these polls, anyway. Let me be clear. The only time I spent in prison was as a Correctional Officer. Whomever is responsible for these polls is going out on quite a limb. I've heard several variants but they're all packed with lies. Laugh with me while I tell you about how desperate these people are and how far they're willing to go. Slander? Libel? Maybe an attorney wants a nice juicy case? Call me 😛 Like always, I'll also be filling you in on what's been going on outside of the listed topics. A lot has happened since my last video so we have a lot to catch up on! We missed you 🙂

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