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General Election 2022 (Nov 8th)- Midterms

Dion's Daily Dose: General Election 2022 (Nov 8th)- Midterms 11.6.22 Special Event: Round table discussion with Dion Bergeron, Shawn Holmgren, Ben Holmgren, and Donovan Bergeron. We're going to be having an open discussion about the people and positions on the ballot this election. The people we know personally, the things we've discovered, and the ways you can learn more about them will all be covered. Limited information is available on local candidates usually so we will try to fill in any gaps that we can. If you have particular information that you feel is crucial for voters to be aware of, please email it to so that we have time to review it and include it in the discussion tonight. Although Donovan won't be able to vote until the 2024 election, I feel that he adds excellent perspective from the youth to the conversation. He's the next generation of voter and it will be interesting to hear his take on things.

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