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Guest: Jeff Maurer- Candidate for Indiana Secretary of State (Libertarian)

#DionsDailyDose 10.26.22 Guest: Jeff Maurer- Candidate for Indiana Secretary of State (Libertarian) Join us on Wednesday October 26th when we will be interviewing Jeff Maurer. Please note that due to his schedule, the show will be starting 1 hour later than usual. We will go live at 8 PM Central (rather than 7). We hope that you will be able to watch and comment live. We ask all of our guests to provide a biography and we were directed to Mr. Maurer's website, where the following information was available: "Jeff Maurer is the nominated Libertarian candidate for Indiana Secretary of State and will appear on ballots statewide on November 8, 2022. Jeff is an entrepreneur whose career spans tech, transportation, and budget and finance. He serves as a development officer for Students For Liberty, the largest pro-liberty student organization which champions free markets and free speech around the world. Born in New York City, Jeff grew up on Long Island, graduating from Long Beach High School in 2000. He then graduated from Washington University in St. Louis in 2004 with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. In 2013, Jeff chose to move to Indiana for a better quality of life, after being exhausted by the corrupt politics, big government, and high taxes of New York. Jeff lives in Carmel, Indiana, and is a Hoosier by choice. Jeff has always felt called to serve, and joined his local volunteer fire department at the age of 16. He served for more than a dozen years as a firefighter and officer. Jeff currently serves his community on his homeowners association board and was appointed to serve on the Carmel Economic Development Commission and the Home Place Advisory Board. Jeff is currently enlisted in the Indiana Air National Guard, and continues to serve our state and our nation. As an ongoing commitment to service, Jeff is ready to proudly serve you as Indiana Secretary of State. "

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