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Guest: Ron Meer: Former Mayor of Michigan City

DDD 10.25.22 Guest: Former Mayor Ron Meer of Michigan City joins #DionsDailyDose where we will address a variety of topics including: How to work across the aisle. Mayor Meer had to work with a state legislature that was a Republican super majority, despite being a Democrat in a blue city (Michigan City) that had been ignored by the state for a long time. Although La Porte County has shifted to narrow Republican control in recent years, there is still a need to work across the aisle. Michigan City has retained Democrat leadership across councils and boards, despite electing a Mayor that ran as a Republican. If elected, Dion Bergeron will have to work across the aisle locally, ensuring that he is able to accomplish the goals of the District's constituents. Although the state legislature is predominantly Republican, Dion will still have to coordinate with Democrat politicians and community leaders on a local and county level. Reasonable discussion is too rare these days and we all could use some pointers on how to work across the aisle. I'm looking forward to speaking to Mr. Meer and I hope you're looking forward to watching!

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