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Special Guest: Colonel Richard Ligon – Candidate for Lake County Sheriff

4.23.22 Special Guest: Colonel Richard Ligon: Candidate for Lake County Sheriff County Sheriff is a critical race. It's arguably the single most important elected position in a county, and is our last defense from an overreaching state and federal government. It's imperative that we vet these candidates. In an effort to do just that, as a part of our Candid Candidate Conversations series, I sit down with candidates from a variety of races and have a discussion with them, not just about what they want to accomplish in office, but who they really are (how someone likes their steak tells me a lot about someone. Don't hate =p). We ask all of our guests to send us a bio. This is what we were sent by Colonel Ligon's team: "Richard is a life-long Lake County, IN resident.  He graduated from Froebel High School and attended Kentucky State University where he graduated with his Bachelors’ Degree in Sociology. He also obtained his Masters’ Degree in Criminal Justice from the prestigious Valparaiso University, Additionally, Richard attended the Federal Law Enforcement Academy and the Indiana Military Academy where he received extensive training that made him an exceptional leader as a Federal Law Enforcer and military leader.  He’s exceptionally skilled with Crime Scene Processing, Critical Incident Management, Bomb Scene Investigations, Weapon of Mass Destruction, Hostage Negotiations and a Subject Matter Expert in Workplace Violence. He enlisted in the U. S. Army as a Private First Class and earned promotion to the rank of First Sergeant before switching to the commissioned side and earning rank, retiring as a Colonel. He was a Brigade Commander and had more than 1700 soldiers under his command. Now it is time to use his training and experience to Protect & Serve in Lake County, IN as the Lake County Sheriff. " Very impressive! I can't wait to interview Colonel Ligon. As much as I'd love to hear all about his time in the service as a leader (1700 soldiers under his command!), I'll do my best to stick to the Sheriff's race questions.

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