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Special Guest: Martin Lucas- Candidate U.S. Congress District 1

DDD 3.7.22 Special Guest Martin Lucas: Republican Candidate for U.S. Congress District 1 This is a packed primary once again. There are many choices on the ballot in 2022 so we'll be taking a one on one with each of the candidates so that you can know who you are voting for. Mr. Lucas was asked to write a bio that he would like featured. This is his response: "Born and raised on south side of Chicago. Moved to Northwest Indiana 17 years ago. MBA from Purdue Northwest. Work at IBM as software delivery consultant on AT&T account. Married." Join us at 7 PM Central on Monday March 7 to ask the real questions you want answered. This is the first of many upcoming candidate interviews. We'll be featuring races from Federal to local and I hope you can join us. It should be revealing.

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