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Who Is Dion Bergeron?

There have been some salacious posts circulating calling me a variety of names (as per the usual from the left, I know), misquoting me, and generally trying to make me look like a bad person. I've mentioned this before, but there are also polls being circulated saying I spent time in prison (and not as a Correctional Officer, which I was, but as an inmate, which I wasn't). LOL I'm going to set the record straight and address some of these, as well as talk about some things I haven't shared before, including my childhood and late teen years, where poverty and poor decisions led me down a predictable path. While I believe it's important to understand where I came from, what is more important is where I am today. I learned from my experiences and used them to become a better person. I could write a lot but I'd prefer to just tell you. I hope you'll join me for a deep dive into "Who Is This Guy?"

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