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Deadly Force Authorized At Mar-A-Lago Raid!

Today's Topic: The (almost) deadly raid at President Trump's home. Fully authorized to use deadly force, the FBI raided Mar-A-Lago. Was this raid for missiles? A terrorist cell? A nuclear bomb? A standing army ready to "insurrectionist"? No. Paperwork. They authorized the use of deadly force because of some boxes of paperwork. Why didn't they coordinate with the Secret Service? Who authorized it? What was the goal? Let's dive in. Face to Face with Dion & Shawn is a segment where Dion Bergeron (host of DDD) and Shawn Holmgren (executive producer of DDD) sit down in-studio to discuss various current events, news segments, and more. Dion usually gets his news from alternative media, such as citizen journalists, X(Twitter), and various social media platforms. Shawn gets his news from legacy media, including BBC, Fox, CNN, and the like. There is usually a significant gap in the middle. (This video was prerecorded- Join us for a livestream to be a part of the live conversation, otherwise feel free to comment. We love engaging with our audience!)

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