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FtF D&S More Ukraine Money, IDF Hacked?, Dems Retake MI, Israel Attacks Iraq, Mrvan Fundraising

DDD Presents: Face to Face with Dion and Shawn for April 20th, 2024 Tonight's topics include: We're sending even more money to Ukraine, Israel, and more. Again. What's in this bill? Which Republicans voted for this? Hacker group claims they have acquired a quarter of a million documents from the Israeli Defense Force. Did they? What are on these documents? What are they going to do with them? Democrats now have the majority in Michigan again after a special election. What does this mean for us here in Indiana? Israel attacks Iraq. Is this the line in the sand? Is it going to spark a huge conflict? Are sides being chosen? Are we funding this? Rep. Mrvan (IN D1) is outraising his potential Republican challengers by leaps and bounds. Where is the money coming from? We answer this and a whole lot more. We haven't decided on the Conspiracy Theory topic yet, but be assured that there will be one.

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