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FtF: D&S New FISA, Guyana Pres BASED, Biden’s Accusers, Brazil vs X, Saudi Megacity, MORE

Dion and Shawn discuss current events, with topics including, but not limited to: Speaker Johnson insists that the House must pass a FISA bill. What's in it and why is it so important? The President of Guyana was interviewed and the interviewer tried to shame him regarding the oil in his country and climate change. Guyana President is incredibly based, and was having NONE of it. We'll show you the interview. Someone compiled the complete list of the individuals accusing old Uncle Joe of inappropriate touching. It's quite a list... Brazil and X (formerly Twitter) are engaged in a bitter battle over free speech and government overreach and censorship. It isn't getting much coverage in the news. What's happening? Saudi Arabia is planning on building a massive city in the desert. Their plans have changed a bit, though. Let's check in on that. Today's Conspiracy Theory segment is going to focus on the theory that blue roofs can avert destruction from DEWs (Direct Energy Weapons). Is there any proof? We'll take a look!

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