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Guest: Darrell Becker- CMO of ContentSafe

DDD 2.9.24 Guest: Darrell Becker- CMO of ContentSafe, a company that bills itself as a way to protect your online content. They strive for free speech and our guest will tell us about his company and what they do. I'm looking forward to this one. With the rise of censorship, we're seeing more and more creators either being banned, shadowbanned (The thing that social media companies claimed they didn't do, until they were forced to admit in front of Congress that there's evidence that they do, indeed do it, and have for a long time), demonetized, and deplatformed. ContentSafe claims to be the answer to this (at least as much of an answer as they can be) and we'll learn how they fight back against this infection that is censorship. We ask all of our guests to send us a bio, and we've included what Mr. Becker has sent to us below in its entirety: "Darrell Becker is the chief marketing officer of ContentSafe dot CO. Since 2018 we have been publishing our client's videos on all of the available alt media platforms that don't have a history of censorship. We are also able to publish videos on IPFS, which is a distributed service that cannot be censored. More platforms lets our clients grow their audience and sell more goods and services, make more money and use this to get important information out there! Darrell Becker is also a licensed acupuncturist and holistic healthcare professional, consulting with clients worldwide to solve chronic illnesses and injuries that don’t usually get better from the industrial medical methods you get from most doctors and hospitals.

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