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Guest: John Rust – US Senate Candidate (R)

Join us and get to know John Rust. He's running for the United States Senate and is already shaking up the establishment. The state party said he couldn't file as a Republican because he didn't have 2 consecutive primary votes in the Republican Primary. He disagreed, sued, and won! (the decision is being appealed) That lawsuit is changing everything. Make sure to tune in to our breakdown of what this decision means in a separate video.

While the lawsuit is important, we aren't going to spend much time on that during the interview, as it's an action initiated by the man, but the analysis doesn't tell us much about the man himself. Our interview is going to focus on John Rust and getting the answers to burning questions like how he likes his steak, his favorite egg preparation, and more. 😛 We'll also be asking his opinion on slightly less important questions, like the Constitution, the Senate, and his take on our issues at the Federal level.

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We ask all of our candidates for a bio, and Mr. Rust was kind enough to send us the following: "John Rust is a 6th generation Hoosier farmer. As Chairman of Rose Acres Farms, the largest family owned egg farm in the United States, John oversaw the employment of thousands of Hoosiers. Rose Acre Farms produces over 8 billion eggs per year. Having overseen the management of fifteen facilities in seven states, John understands what it means to make tough decisions and find solutions. John is a political outsider, and is not beholden to the special interests. He is running because he is tired of what career politician are doing to our country in Washington. It is time for a real change. As our Senator, John will prioritize Indiana families and put our needs above partisan politics. On the issues: "

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