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Meet Chuck Watterson: Candidate(R) for Judge of La Porte County Circuit Court

Join #DDD March 5th at 7 PM to get to know Mr. Watterson and decide if you want him to be Judge Watterson. This is one of the most critical positions in our county government and will have a massive effect on much more than we can cover in a short blurb here. We've seen the effects of lawlessness around the country and we see how crucial it is to have the right judges. Judge Alevizos is retiring and so this will be an open position. There are several people running in the Primary election and Mr. Watterson is excited to have the opportunity to speak to you, the citizens and voters of La Porte County. He was one of the first candidates (of any race) to contact us/respond about being on the show, which bodes very well for his transparency and I'm looking forward to interviewing him! I, for one, will be taking this interview and position quite seriously (while still having fun - I sure hope he has a sense of humor).

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