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Meet Commissioner Joe Haney, District 3 La Porte County Indiana

Join us at 7PM on April 9th for an in-depth discussion with Commissioner Joe Haney. Commissioner Haney is in his 4th year of his first term, and is up for re-election this year. He has accomplished a LOT during this, and we'll get a chance to learn all about that, along with his plans for his next term, once re-elected. Joe has been at the forefront of several "controversies", butting heads with his fellow commissioners and others. A troublemaker to some, a freedom-loving patriot to others, Commissioner Haney is no stranger to critiques. Often described as a "problem child" or "wave maker" by those that prefer a quiet, if a bit corrupt, government, Joe Haney has never been one to allow malfeasance or outright criminal behavior to fester under his watch. He calls out the issues he sees and works towards their resolution.

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