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Meet Gabriel Gary: Teen Podcast Host, Blogger, Speaker, and Political Commentator

We're often told that young people are either disconnected from politics or tend to be very progressive. Gabriel Gary defies both of these stereotypes. He's very involved, having started his own podcast and has had some interesting guests, including State Senator Rodney Pol. He's also committed to getting more involvement and engagement from people of all ages, but especially Gen Z. Did we mention that he's only 15?? We're looking forward to speaking with Gabriel and hearing his ideas on ways to get Gen Z (and others) more involved. Some older people can seem rather dismissive when it comes to younger people, but we here at #DionsDailyDose believe that we have a lot to learn from the next generation, and are always ready to hear ideas and suggestions on ways to improve not only the dialogue between generations, but also how to get the youth more involved in the political process. We ask all of our guests to send us a bio. Here is what we were sent: "Gabriel Gary is the host of Gen Z on Leadership and the editor-in-chief of The Cincinnatus. Gabriel is a 15-year-old podcast host, blogger, speaker, and political commentator. Gabriel strongly believes that the best way to learn is by talking to people directly. He is driven to inspire people of not just Gen Z but all generations to get involved in leadership and politics. He looks forward to sharing with you his interviews with people in leadership roles and his op-ed's on his blog The Cincinnatus."

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