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Meet: Heather Stevens: Clerk of Court for La Porte County Indiana

Ah, the elections. Few topics are as divisive (outside politics in general) in 2024 as our election process.

Whether or not you believe all machines are bad (or great), that mail-in ballots are great (or terrible), or that your vote doesn't REALLY matter, there's always a disagreement right around the corner when it comes to elections in 2024.

How does voting work in La Porte County? Is this the same across Indiana? We now have electronic voting machines, vote centers, and electronic poll books. Are the fears unfounded? Are these digital instruments vulnerable to hacking? Indiana uses MicroVote machines. How are these different from the other large names in this arena (Dominion and SmartMatic)?

In 2022 Diego Morales was elected as Indiana's 63rd Secretary of State, campaigning on "fixing Indiana elections." Was he successful? What has changed? Has La Porte County benefitted?

Tune in to have these questions answered, along with a lot more!

Heather Stevens was elected in the 2020 election, taking office in 2021. She's up for re-election this year (2024). She was unopposed in the Primary election and has moved on to the 2024 General Election to be held on November 5th, 2024.

We ask all of our guests to send us a bio, and here's what we were sent: "Heather Stevens took office as the Clerk of the 32nd Circuit Court on January 1, 2021. Prior to being elected to office as the La Porte County Clerk, Heather served 3 years as the Co-Director of the La Porte County Board of Voters Registration. Heather is a graduate of the 36th class of Leadership La Porte County. In addition to her role as County Clerk, Heather is active in our local community serving on the Board of Directors of La Porte County Meals on Wheels and the South County Community Coalition and also a member of the Hanna Lions Club where she chairs the HannaFest committee."

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