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Meet Rhonda Graves – Future La Porte County Auditor?

Tune in to #DDD at 7PM on Tuesday, April 2nd to meet Rhonda Graves, who is running in the Republican Primary for La Porte County Auditor. As the current Chief Deputy Auditor, Rhonda Graves has experience in the office and knows the job. Luckily, she has agreed to come to the studio in order for us to get to know the woman behind the name and title. Although considerably less publicly known than our current auditor, she is no less dedicated, and we'll get a chance to talk to her about her job, her extracurricular activities in the community (of which there are many) and how she has the energy for all this. We ask all of our guests to send us a bio, and we post them without edit. The bio we were sent is included below. "Rhonda Graves has been the Chief Deputy Auditor of La Porte County for just over a year. She brought with her the knowledge she gained while serving as Chief Deputy Treasurer of Starke County and prior years of service in early voting for La Porte County. With this knowledge she was able to hit the ground running upon arrival to the Auditor’s Office. “I am running because I see the need to increase accountability for the funds we control, transparency of the funds that we spend, and the understanding of allowable government spending, all while maintaining an office that works efficiently, lawfully, and stays up-to-date on best practices. After all, it’s your tax dollars at stake.” Rhonda grew up in southeastern KY as a coal miners daughter. Her father was killed in the coal mines when Rhonda was 7, and she along with her mom and sisters moved to La Porte for a change of scenery. That was 1983. Today, the Graves family consists of Rhonda, her husband Mike, two children, Emily and Ty, and their dog Lou. Both children graduate this year- one from high school and one from college. Rhonda enjoys giving back to the community in various ways - Girl Scouts, Cookies for Soldiers, Gleaner Arbor, etc."

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