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Real Life Vault Tec? Kinda… The Rise of Commercialism in Prepping

Today's Topic: Preppers. What are they? Is it expensive? For the second question, the answer is a resounding YES. More expensive every year it seems. Coffee Break is a special segment on #DionsDailyDose that features a conversation between two lifelong friends that share interests in motorcycles, firearms, and love of their country. Dion, host of Dion's Daily Dose, is a husband and father, and has tried to fix the broken system from within, by running for political office (and coming very close to winning) and getting involved with his local political party, leading to a great deal of frustration as well as learning. He's a former truck driver & trainer and was a Correctional Officer at Indiana State Prison for 7 years. Jim, a veteran, a father, and vice president of a veteran's assistance-focused motorcycle club, believes that the time for fixing the system from within has passed, and sees no point in voting. He works a blue-collar job and has open derision for the entire political system. He is a self-professed III%'er, and is a "prepper", believing it's only a matter of time before society crumbles under the weight of corruption.

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