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Ryli Competes! Watch Party: IPF Bench Worlds in Austin, TX

As promised, we're having a watch party to cheer on Ryli Greer as she competes in the 2024 IPF Bench Worlds in Austin, TX Ryli and her dad, Bobby, were on the show on May 16th, 2024. We talked about their journey together as a father and daughter powerlifting team. We learned that they're both competing in the IPF Bench Worlds in Austin this week. We said then that we're going to do our best to provide you, the viewer/listener an opportunity to tune in live with us to cheer them both on. Today Ryli is competing, with Bobby's turn coming up on Monday, May 27th. We're covering both and wondering which one comes out on top. Has the student become the master? Will they both take home gold? Tune in and find out! Ryli is scheduled to compete right at 4:30 PM, so we're starting a few minutes before (4:15) so that we can get the popcorn, oversized foam fingers, and big signs ready. We're with you, Ryli!! No matter what, we support both of them and we'll be cheering them on!

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