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SCOTUS, Texas, MC Censorship, and Rust Decision

The Supreme Court ruled in the Texas v Border Patrol case today 5-4 to allow CBP to cut the razor wire. This is a different decision than many expected. We'll cover what we know so far. We have problem in Michigan City. Angie Nelson-Deuitch is the new mayor and we're seeing a censorship problem. I'm hoping this is a mistake and will be rectified soon. I'll show you what I mean... John Rust is running for US Senator. He'll be appearing on our show tomorrow evening (7 PM Central). I wanted to cover this first, though, so that we can focus on him as a person and candidate rather than the lawsuit. He filed a lawsuit against the IN Secretary Of State, the Indiana Election Commission, and the Jackson County Republican Party Chair in order to be allowed to run as a Republican, arguing that preventing him from running as a Republican is a violation of the Constitution. The court agreed, and granted him an injunction. What does this mean? We'll cover the effects of this (which is sending a huge ripple throughout the system I might add) tonight.

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