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Timeline of a Tyrant: Connie Gramarossa Episode 1: Voter Registration

A new series that exposes the tyrants in our government, informs the population, and presents clear examples of overstepping boundaries, unconstitutional acts, and power trips.

The first entry in the series is our (least) favorite La Porte County Commissioner, Connie Gramarrosa, from District 1.

Episode One of the new series is going to focus on voter registration, Gramarossa's unprompted (and unwanted) move of the voter registration office to an off-site location, the problems this has caused for the office, and her general demeanor when interacting with department heads, her fellow Commissioners, and the public.

We have plenty of video to work with. I hope you're as excited for this as I am. This presentation has been needed for quite a while, but I'm hoping we can have some fun along the way, so we'll top it off with a presentation of community-created memes celebrating her incredible contributions to La Porte County!

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