Q&A Session w/ Joseph Bortka: Attn: IN R Delegates! Q&A Session w/ Joseph Bortka: Attn: IN R Delegates!

Q&A Session w/ Joseph Bortka: Attn: IN R Delegates! Q&A Session w/ Joseph Bortka: Attn: IN R Delegates!

June 12, 2024

Updated Question and Answer session with Joseph Bortka: One of the authors and contributors to an open letter being circulated to delegates titled: "Open Letter to the Indiana Republican Party In Support of a Debate on Various Convention Resolutions." We are holding this Q&A session for several reasons. One is an update to Mr. Bortka's previous appearance on the show discussing this letter, but unfortunately his time was extremely limited due to schedule conflicts. This will allow us more opportunity to answer any questions you may have. We've also set up an alternate (and anonymous) method for sending in questions. Not everyone has an account in order to comment on the streaming platforms we use, so we are including a phone number that can be texted during the show. Liz Bergeron, wife of Dion and a member of the Dion's Daily Dose team, will be monitoring the phone live and will be able to pass along any questions you may have in order to ensure that your concerns are addressed. This will be completely anonymous and removes any need for concern of political retribution because of live public comment(s), as well as removing the need to have an account on any of the various social media platforms this will be streaming to. This phone number was included in the email sent to all delegates. Although we can't include the link to the letter here (because of censorship by certain platforms), and the character limit prevents us from including the full text in this description, you should have received a link to this letter in your email if you're a delegate. We'll be covering the (updated) open letter and request(s) during the show, regardless. Mr. Bortka met with the state party officials today and, as such, has a more up-to-date report that he'll be sharing with us. Whether the state party is on board with this or not, Mr. Bortka (and the other authors of this letter, as well as MANY delegates and the constituents they represent) have declared that We The People, as active members of one of the two main political parties of the state of Indiana and the United States of America, DEMAND change at EVERY level of our government. We will be silent no longer. If you have questions you'd like asked during the show, you can email Talk@DionBergeron.com in advance. Join us to learn more about this, ask the questions you'd like answered, and comment or inquire anonymously, if that's your wish. Political retribution is absolutely real, and we see it up and down throughout our government. See previous appearance for biographical information on Mr. Bortka (who is running for State Representative for District 100). I have excluded it here for space (character limit) reasons.

Michigan City, Indiana
Michigan City, Indiana 46360

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